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Night Kabuki Spending matugaoka silk&wine

A special performance by Nakamura Hashigo, a kabuki actor from Tsuruoka, will be held in the illuminated 5th silkworm room of the Matsukeoka Kaikonjo(Matsugaoka Reclamation Site).
Please enjoy Pinocholina Matsuoka‘s wine with the food of Tsuruoka, a UNESCO Gastronomic Creative City.

Date:Sep.23(sat)2023 Part1: 17:30 / Part2: 19:30
Cast:Nakamura Hashigo Nenjusekibententaikoikuseikai
     ( Japanese Drums performers)
Ticket:5000JPY Including meal, 2 glass of Matsugaoka wine
English Customers: Click here. (Link to other sight)

SAMURAI SILK Night Walk (September 30th・October 8th)

Special illuminated night tour around Matsugaoka Reclamation Site while learning about its history (with English guide)
Matsugaoka has spirit of SAMURAI, you can see the history and have a good experience.
Kimono dressing is available as an option, and visitors can take pictures inside the land reclamation site, which is full of Japanese culture.

Date: Sep,30 (sat),2023 / Oct,8(sun),2023 Start: 17:30
Ticket : 1000JPY/each person
Option : Kimono rental and dressing:8000JPY
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SAMURAI SILK Light Up (September 30th -October 8th)

Matsugaoka Cultivation Field, which will be open at night for a limited time, will be light up completely!
Wine-covered silk lanterns illuminate the night in Matsugaoka.
The circle mark on the calendar is the scheduled date of the light-up event.
Please enjoy the fantastic Matsugaoka night.

Lighting Time : 17:00-21:00
Free Entrance

If you have any question or requests, please contact us.
We hope you will enjoy this event!

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